Following many years of research, Gonidis Family finally found a quite “privileged location”, 100 meters above sea level, on the southeastern side of Kythnos, to place its beehives. The good thing about this location is both its self-seeded vegetation, which gives our honey its distinctive aroma and taste, but also its water springs that are important for the survival of our bees.

After the honey-harvesting process is over, Gonidis Family processes its honey at its self-owned honey house, which not only follows HACCP standards but is also certified according to ISO 2200. The honey house is fully equipped with almost everything, from a honey extractor to a sterilising machine for jars. In any case, our technology is being used in a manner that respects both our bees and their honey.

Although it would be easier, we never use any method or technology that could perhaps affect the quality and purity of Pure Mother Bee. With that in mind we keep our annual production intentionally small, which does not exceed 2000 kilos per year.

THE <span>FACILITY</span>

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